Single Swivel Hose Ends for P.T.F.E. Hose – Reusable P.T.F.E. Hose Ends

P.T.F.E.-lined stainless braided hose may be used for brake lines, gauge lines, power steering or automotive air conditioning. These reusable hose ends feature a miniature “olive” that retains the hose inside of the fitting. By replacing this “olive” the hose end may be reused over and over.

Part Numbers & Sizes

Description Part Number
-3 X 45 degree Forged 604603
-3 X 45 degree Bent Tube 604613
-4 X 45 degree Forged 604604
-3 X 90 degree Forged 609103
-3 X 90 degree Bent Tube 609113
-4 X 90 degree Forged 609104