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Our most commonly asked questions. Check these additional pages for Technical Information, Hose Cutting & Assembly, and Custom Hose Assembly Ordering.

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Do you manufacture your own products?

Yes, for the most part we do manufacture our own products. With the exception of the AN hose, some of the tools, and some of the steel AN Adapters. We use Parker Hose, which is sourced in the United States and we try to source all of the tools and steel adapters that we do not make, in the US when they are available.

What is the difference between your 2000 Series Compression Style and 3000 Series Cutter Style Hose Ends?

Our 2000 Series compression style Hose Ends use a nipple that the socket draws the hose over during assembly. These Hose Ends utilize the crush between the inside of the socket and the outside of the nipple to create it’s sealing area.Our 3000 Series Cutter Style Hose Ends also use a socket to draw the hose over a nipple. But assembly directs the center portion of the hose into a cutter. The seal here is formed by the cutter imbedding itself into the center mass of the hose.

What hose do you recommend using with your 2000 and 3000 Series Hose Ends?

Both our Stainless and Black Nylon Race Hose can be used with our 2000 Series Compression Style Hose Ends. When utilizing our 3000 Series Cutter Style Hose Ends, we recommend using our Stainless 3000 Series Race Hose only.

I’m in the process of putting a new fuel system in my car and would like to install a kit that would offer low fuel permeation and be E85 compatible. What would you recommend?

Our line of 6000 Series, P.T.F.E. Hose and Real Street Hose Ends should be exactly what you are looking for. We carry the hose in sizes -6 through -10 AN, and the hose ends are available in configurations ranging from Straight to 180 degrees in each size. Black coated –6 and –8 AN hose is available.

How would you recommend saving weight when using your products to plumb a racecar?

Our lightest alternative would be to use our Push-Lok Hose and our 8000 Series Push-Lok Hose Ends. By using this combination of products it is common to take 20-30 lbs out of most vehicle combinations. Our 8000 Series Push-Lok Hose offers good working pressures and vacuum ratings for most automotive racing applications. It can be used to plumb most water, oil, and fuel systems. If rules do not allow push-loc hose then the next best step is our Premium Black Nylon Race Hose with our Sport- Crimp hose ends. You can find this product on Pro Mod drag cars, Sprint Cars, Dirt Late Models and Modifieds around the world. If you do not have the availability of a crimping machine, this hose can be used with our 2000 Series, Compression Style, Pro-Flow Hose Ends. This is ideal for the do it yourselfer. This product will take 15-20 lbs out of most applications over a stainless race hose.

I need a P.T.F.E Hose Assembly in a length that isn’t available in your catalog. Can this be ordered?

Yes, all of our dealers have the ability to order custom length hose assemblies from us. Normally there is a 1-2 day turn around for this service. Contact your nearest dealer for pricing, or give us a call and we’ll recommend a dealer for you.

Can your P.T.F.E. Hose Assemblies be used for Nitrous?

Yes they can. But, when ordering a hose assembly with a 3AN nut we like to build these through our custom shop. They start with 4AN hose and a special 3AN conversion nut and hose tail is used. This bumps the I.D. up and ensures our hose assembly doesn’t become a restriction.

As far as fuel filters go, what micron rating do you recommend using? Where should the filters be installed?

In most applications we like to see our P/N 960004, 100 Micron Fuel Filter installed before the Fuel Pump on the inlet side, (where applicable), and a 40 or 10 Micron Filter installed after the pump before the regulator. It’s also worth mentioning that both our P/N 960004, 100 Micron and 960003, 40 Micron Fuel Filters use Stainless Pleated Elements and are safe for applications running Methanol, E85, and Gasoline.

What’s the easiest way to flush out a hose and pressure test it after assembly?

We recommend using our Garden Hose x AN Adapter Kits. Each kit comes with a Garden Hose x 8AN Adapter and all of the reducers, expanders, and plugs needed to safely and easily flush out and test AN Hose Assemblies before installing them on a car.

These kits can also be used to flush out hose assemblies after a transmission or engine failure. See our Part Numbers 900555-BL, 900556-BL, and 900557-BL for further details.

I’m trying to hook up a fuel pump and fuel filter in series. Do you offer an O-ring, (O.R.B.) x O-ring, (O.R.B.) adapter that will accomplish this?

Yes we do. These adapters are available in a couple of different combinations. The most popular being 10AN O.R.B x 10AN O.R.B., which is our P/N 494110-BL.

8AN x 8AN, 12AN x 12AN, and 10AN x 8AN are also available. See catalog page 32 for further details.

I’m trying to install your Fuel Filter P/N 960004 that is female 7/8-14 thread (10AN), that seals with an O-ring up to my fuel pump that is 3/8” Female National Pipe Thread. Do you have a one-piece adapter that will work in this application?

Yes we do. Use our Part Number 494001-BL. It’s 7/8-14 (10AN O-ring) x 3/8 NPT. A

(10AN ORB) x 1 /2 N.P.T. adapter is also available, P/N 494002-BL.