90 Degree Hose Ends Low Profile – Series 3000

Fragola Performance Systems Series 3000 Hose Ends feature the “cutter” method of hose attachment. The socket draws the hose over the nipple and into the cutter. The seal is formed by the cutter imbedding itself into the end of the hose. If no color is specified, the standard part number is for the regular red and blue. Use these hose ends with our Series 3000 Stainless Race Hose only.

Part Numbers and Sizes

Hose Size Part Number Black
-6 109106 109106BL
-8 109108 109108BL
-10 109110 109110BL
-12 109112 109112BL
-16 109116 109116BL
-20 109120 109120BL