45 Degree Forged Crimp Fitting with Collar & Pin – Crimp Fitting Kits

You can build your own line assemblies, at your location. Our D-100 or any crimper that features an adjustable crimp diameter will work fine. Be sure to pressure test your hose assemblies, as a precaution. The pressure test kits available.

Part Numbers & Sizes

Description Part Number
-3, Bag of 20 6004123
-4, Bag of 20 6104123

Crimp Diameter Specifications for FPS P.T.F.E. Hoses

A-N Size Crimp Diameter Working Pressure
-3 .300”-.305” 3000 psi.
-4 .350”-.355” 3000 psi.
-6 .350”-.355” 3000 psi.
-8 .568” - .573” 2500 psi.
-10 .735" - .740" 1500 psi.


The fittings on this page are designed to be used with the P.T.F.E. hose on page 37 of this catalog. (Hose from other sources may have a different wall thickness and will not have the desired results ending in hose failure.) Be certain to clean inside of hose assembly prior to installation.